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We’re creating the most exquisite mentorship experience for people who want to skill up. LevelNext is a marketplace of expertise and designed to connect the right people with the right knowledge to solve the right problems.
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Can anyone be a mentor?
Our mentors are vetted based on several factors. Although anyone can apply, mentors are selected and curated specifically for the needs and goals of our mentees, which means standards are high and many won’t make the cut.
Can anyone be a mentee?
Yes! Mentorship happens at all stages of our career. LevelNext fosters an environment for people to connect to mentors who will be best suited to help.
How much does it cost?
Pricing is completely transparent. Before booking an appointment, you’ll see exactly what the mentor offers and how much it will cost.
How can I get started?
We are busy at work building an incredible collection of leading mentors. You can follow us on LinkedIn and Twitter for regular updates, or sign up  to know when we’re accepting mentee applications.
Are You an Experienced Tech Expert?There are countless professionals who want to learn from you. Share your details to join our pre-launch mentor application list and connect with our CEO.
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