Community Guidelines

Our mission at LevelNext is to give you a trusted space where you can connect with mentors and mentees both personally and professionally. That means that this site is open to a large variety of people of different backgrounds and orientations

In addition to our Terms and Conditions, these guidelines are here to help our community stay clean, sensitive, and a place you’ll want to explore. We’ve taken a common sense approach to building these guidelines. The ultimate goal is to protect the community. If you ever come across something which goes against our mission, we want to know. Report it immediately and we’ll look into the subject matter.

We reserve the right to suspend any account whenever we want for any type of conduct which we believe does not enhance LevelNext and our community. Under suspension, we have the right to remove content, images, or links, and hide or ultimately remove the account entirely from the LevelNext ecosystem.


Our team works tirelessly to keep LevelNext a safe, reliable platform. To that end, we will remove divisive, disturbing, or dangerous content including:

Illegal Behavior

Every user must respect all local, national, or international laws while using our platform. Content which directs viewers to illegal content or activity is strictly prohibited.


We remove pornographic adult content. This includes any link which includes sexually explicit content or activities including pornography, sexual acts or intercourse, and sexual services. Any images, gifs, memes, content, or links which promote sexual violence or exploitation, especially of children, will be immediately removed and reported to law enforcement.

We sometimes also hide nudity, although in certain instances we may allow this content if it’s used in an educational or artistic context.

Exploitative Content

We remove illegal, libelous, or obscene content which exploits people either in a physical or sexual manner. We have a zero tolerance policy of any sexualization of minors and work with law enforcement to stop it.


We remove images of violence. This includes any imagery which condones, encourages, or rationalizes extreme violence, gratuitous gore, suicide, self-injury, eating disorders, or substance abuse.

Hate Speech

We remove any type of hate speech or discriminatory content. This includes discrimination of groups, organizations, or private people.


We have a zero-tolerance policy and will promptly remove any content which threatens others. This includes any type of organized violence, support of violent organizations, threats to physically harm others, usage of weapons to threaten, intimidate, harm or kill others.

Personally Identifiable Information

We remove content which exposes or encourages the sharing of personally identifiable information. This includes content with a person’s real name, location, identifying details, protected social profiles, information about or from those social profiles, and any other incriminating content where there’s a reasonable expectation of privacy.

Self-Destructive Behavior

We care about people’s well-being. Any content promoting or encouraging self-destructive behavior, including but not limited to illegal drug use, suicidal thoughts, intentional physical harm, binge drinking, distracted driving, or other dangerous behaviors will promptly be flagged and removed.

Regulated Goods

We remove content related to buying or selling regulated goods such as drugs, alcohol, tobacco, firearms, or other hazardous materials.


We remove any profiles which impersonate other individuals or organizations. We have a zero-tolerance policy for anyone who misrepresents themselves.


We remove any harmful content which serves to target individuals or protected groups.

Spam and Scams

Any content which we find points to sites which involve any type of online scam or spam will be promptly removed. This includes malicious content, phishing, unauthorized advertisements, attempts to fraud others, content or links which spread malware or viruses, content or links with misinformation, content or links which sell personally identifiable information, or any other type of content or link which we deem harmful to the visitor.

Suspensions and Suspension Evasions

Any account suspension is binding until the suspension expires or is removed. Circumventing the suspension in any capacity, or attempting to circumvent the suspension, will result in a longer ban, or an indefinite ban, from the platform.

Intellectual Property and Rights

We respect intellectual property and believe it’s important to promote individual expression and creativity within our community. To do so, we ask that you:

  • Don’t post anything illegal or which violates regulations.

  • Don’t infringe on other people’s intellectual property.

  • Don’t use LevelNext’s logo, name, or trademark in a way which could be confused or misconstrued.

Quality of Content

LevelNext was designed to help filter out spammy content and digital clutter while searching and exploring the platform. We expect each user to produce or curate quality content and present it in a way which accurately portrays what the mentee or mentor is offering. Deliberately misrepresenting yourself or content is strictly prohibited.

We ask that you only produce and curate content which enriches the end experience of our users and is consistent with the following:

  • Your original content which adds unique value.

  • Does not contain unsolicited commercial messages.

  • Does not bloat the system by artificially attempting to boost pageviews.

  • Does not lead users down obscure paths.

  • Does not lead to deceptive sites.

Paid Partnerships

Paid partnerships are those which are shown after an exchange of value, including monetary value, is made. Business partners who display this content have incentivized LevelNext and the end user to see and save the displayed content. If you’re shown a message which is part of a paid partnership, it will be clearly labeled as such.

Guidelines for Paid Partnerships

We value honest relationships between our Paid Partners and our users. In addition to adhering to these Community Guidelines, any entity engaging in a Paid Partnership is responsible for the following:

  • All advertising laws outlined by the Federal Trade Commission’s regulations and Endorsement Guidelines.

  • All applicable and required disclosures to the nature of the content.

In addition, we require our Paid Partners to engage in authentic behavior by posting content to relevant boards, avoiding spammy behavior and keeping content high-quality. Paid Partners are not allowed to incentivize or pay people to distribute content in mass volume, which could be perceived as spamming the system.